Why science cannot always be trusted…

Ever wondered why people don’t think science is straightforward and why you can’t just apply logic, ignore emotions and solve scientific problems? Wondered why the scientific method isn’t straightforward, and why people find it so difficult to differentiate science from non-science?

It’s because it’s complex, and such a point of view has the following issues:

  1. Theories cannot be reduced to observations.
  2. Scientific method is not merely logical entailment.
  3. Observation is not theory-neutral.
  4. Theories do not cumulate historically.
  5. Facts are theory-laden.
  6. Science is not isolated from human individuals.
  7. Science is not isolated from society.
  8. Method is not timelessly universal.
  9. Logic should not be privileged.
  10. There is no gulf between fact and value.

About David Waldock

Open University graduate, health and life science at undergraduate level, science and society at post-graduate. Interested in how the Internet is transforming the ways in which the public(s) engage with science(s). Also interested in "the skeptical movement" as a form of science activism and it's effectiveness in achieving its goals. Interested in the representation of LGB types in science and in the periscience communities. Work for a well known and loved public institution. Views are mine and not necessarily my employers.

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