Revival Fellowship Ad – Letter from the ASA

I’ve had an update on the complaint I made about a church circular recently. Predictably, they’ve declined the opportunity to decide if a miracle occurred, but

“do think the claims may discourage vulnerable readers from seeking qualified medical advise for serious medical conditions because they may believe that their disease or condition will be healed as a result of attending meetings at the church”

I’d say that’s a start. They now have the right of reply, and I will have the right to comment on the recommendation before it goes before council for decision.

Sounds a bit more positive than some processes I’ve heard of – and at the very least the church is being forced to defend a claim which will be a first for them.


About David Waldock

Open University graduate, health and life science at undergraduate level, science and society at post-graduate. Interested in how the Internet is transforming the ways in which the public(s) engage with science(s). Also interested in "the skeptical movement" as a form of science activism and it's effectiveness in achieving its goals. Interested in the representation of LGB types in science and in the periscience communities. Work for a well known and loved public institution. Views are mine and not necessarily my employers.

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