Straight Pride UK

This morning, this tweet was highlighted to me:

Being straight is not easy under the circumstances of our society due to the politically correct Government and the Gay Agenda

A very small amount of work reveals this to be a parody, but to be fair,* it must be so difficult being heterosexual in the twenty-first century in Britain. Let’s have a look at some of the challenges facing modern, persecuted straight people:

  • Straights get bullied in school for glancing at the opposite gender
  • Straights get bashed coming out of the pub because someone thinks they might be heterosexual
  • Straights can’t hold hands in public in case someone sees them and straight-bashes them
  • Straights can’t have their marriage recognised by the state as equivalent to those of gays
  • Straights get church leaders with loud media voices criticise their very existence
  • Straights aren’t portrayed on the television very often, and when they are they are often caricatures of stereotypes
  • Straights have higher incidence of depression, anxiety, other mental health problems and suicide because of they way they’re spoken about
  • Straights use alcohol, tobacco and drugs (both licit and illicit) more frequently than their gay counterparts
  • Straights are blamed for, vilified for and told they deserve to catch HIV/AIDS and die
  • Straights are being imprisoned, tortured, jailed and killed by African states because of their sexuality
  • Straights have to continually come out – it’s not a one off event, it’s something they have to decide to do (or not do) every time they meet someone

What other oppressions do straight people experience on a day-to-day basis?

*UPDATE (12 Aug 2013)

It may not be a Poe. But my point stands. See The Sordid Tale of How I was Censored by Straight Pride for more information.



About David Waldock

Open University graduate, health and life science at undergraduate level, science and society at post-graduate. Interested in how the Internet is transforming the ways in which the public(s) engage with science(s). Also interested in "the skeptical movement" as a form of science activism and it's effectiveness in achieving its goals. Interested in the representation of LGB types in science and in the periscience communities. Work for a well known and loved public institution. Views are mine and not necessarily my employers.

One response to “Straight Pride UK”

  1. Steve says :

    Straight Pride hahahahahaha!!!! Oh god what a laugh!!!! This site has been posted all over and is so obviously created by bigoted homophobes with nothing else better to do. Its people like this that set the world back a 100 years in terms of tolerance and values. They really are laughable.

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